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ASP.NET MVC Fine Grained Identity & Access Control - Part 3

In this series I will explain how I designed a generic claims based access control system ASP.NET MVC 5 with Identity 2.0.
In Part 1, I describe my approach and the initial database design. ASP.NET MVC Fine Grained Identity & Access Control - Part 1

In Part 2, I started laying foundation for the whole system with all the data models and a functional UI.

In this Part 3, I will start with most of the coding to make it work.

So far completed coding is in the GitHub repo:

Note that, in part 2, I've mentioned the functionalities I want the system to have. In this post, I will complete all the core functionality so that I can directly edit the DB table values (using SSMS - SQL Server Management Studio) to test things out. I still need to create a UI for the super admins to easily manage permissions.

First off, lets grab all the Areas, Controllers and Actions in the system. These are what you going to lock down to certain groups.

I have po…