AUTOMATE: Restart router when the connection drops

How good is your ADSL line? Does it drop every now and then? Does it have a terrible SNR and are you using a cheap router with bad noise reduction capabilities? Most importantly, does your router start working at full speed right after you restart it? Have you tried calling the provider and asked them to check the telephone line and couldn't they figure out what the problem is?

Well, I am having all these issues and my days are really slow because of this damned router doesn't do what it does best. And a high end router is not affordable right now.

As with everything in a software guys' life, I automated the process of restarting my fucking router with a python script. I have some photos being uploaded to google drive and I have installed this great cFosSpeed software which monitors my connection and has a great command line interface. Every router supports telnet connections so I created the following python script. It will contact cfosSpeed to get the upload rate, if it's not what I want, the script will initiate a telnet connection to the router and issue a restart command. And the router will restart and the connection is back to normal. I'm not really sure how well this asshole handle constant restarts every 15 - 20 mins. But fuck that shit.

run this python script. it will run periodically every 15 mins. change whatever you want. You might want to telnet to the router first to see if its the same with yours.

Have some great peace of mind. :)

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